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Dear Runners of EL CRUCE COLUMBIA,

The 16th edition is on its way. The venue for the 2017 edition will be San Carlos de Bariloche. The logistics base will be at the ski center in Cerro Catedral.

Elite runners will make their start on February 1st, 2017. Runners’ check-in will be on Jan 30, 31 and Feb 1,2, 2017.

In 2018, EL CRUCE will be held in Chile. Once again, we look forward to a great event.

This edition will include 2 distinguishing features:

  • 2 campsites set a few steps away from lakes and unique sand beaches
  • an amazing course along mountain cliffs with impressive views of the volcanoes

Crossing the border to Chile is an issue that is still under consideration since the customs office will be very busy at that time of the year and we would like to avoid suffering even the slightest inconvenience. Therefore, so far, we have been working towards an organization and a course within the Argentinian boundaries to avoid delays that might go beyond the scope of our organization. If we can guarantee a smooth border crossing, it will be done on the first stage of the race.

The start line will be set up several km away from the city of Bariloche. Shuttle buses will have been arranged and they will operate from Cerro Catedrail to the start line. The finish line will be set up at Plaza Catalina Reynal, Catedral – Bariloche.

After such a positive experience in 2016 we will offer once again the possibility for runners to participate in one of the following categories: Elite/Advanced, Teams, Amateurs.

On this edition there will be strict control of the mandatory elements. If a participant fails to comply with the mandatory elements, he/she will not be sent off to the mountain courses.

On our last edition we noticed that some participants were not aware of what it means to reach 2000 msnm and the temperature variation between the start time and the time one reaches the mountain cliffs that might be at 800 msnm.

All the staff from Club de Corredores is already working on the Organization of a new edition.

We look forward to seeing you in 2017.

Sebastián Tagle.

Director El Cruce Columbia.


Venue: San Carlos de Bariloche. Cerro Catedral

Date: Feb 1-5, 2017

EL CRUCE will Split runners into 3 groups

  • Individual Elite / Advanced
  • Teams.
  • Individual Amaters.

Participants from each of the 3 groups will run on 3 different days. They will all cover the same distance and they will all go along the same courses and sleep at the same camps with the same organization. The same regulations have been established for the different groups.

There will be a limited number of participants for each group - we want runners to feel comfortable during the race and after each stage and we would like to provide the best quality service that can be offered.

The 3 categories will have the same cut-off time which will be announced along with the different courses. You should bear in mind that for a standard course it would be 14’ x km, which will be adjusted to the unevenness of the ground of the course for each stage of the race.


Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the different age categories. This group is meant for runners with vast experience in the mountain and a good race pace. Still, cut off time will be the same for all groups.


This group is the ideal one for runners who aim at enjoying this experience in a 2 member team. There will be no changes to the format of the 2017 edition for this group. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of the different age categories.


Cut off time will be similar to those off the last editions (there were wide time limits). This group is meant for runners who are not interested in competing for the top positions either in the overall results or in their category. There will be a symbolic award for the overall winners.


Runners must check in at Cerro Catedral on Jan 30, 31 Feb 1, 2, 2017. Each participant must check in the day before his/her own race begins. We recommend arriving in Bariloche 48hs before your race begins.



  • Stage 1: February 1st
  • Stage 2: February 2nd
  • Stage 3: February 3rd

Finish line February 3rd in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche

Award Winning Ceremony February 3rd, 21:00hs


  • Stage 1: February 2nd
  • Stage 2: February 3rd
  • Stage 3: February 4th

Finish line February 4th in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche

Award Winning Ceremony February 4th, 21:00hs


  • Stage 1: February 3rd
  • Stage 2: February 4th
  • Stage 3: February 5th

Finish line February 5th in Cerro Catedral, Bariloche

Award Winning Ceremony February 5th, 21:00hs



  • A: less than 30 years old
  • B: between 31 and 40 years old
  • C: between 41 and 50 years old
  • D: between 51 and 60 years old
  • E: 61 years old and over



  • A: 80 years or less than 80
  • B: 81-100 years
  • C: 101-110 years
  • D: 111 years and more

There must be at least 6 runners to open an age category. Otherwise, runners will participate in the previous category.


Cerro Catedral will stand as the logistics and check-in base. We recommend finding accommodation at Cerro Catedral both before and after the race. It would be very complicated for you if you decided to stay in the city centre since you would have to find the means to get to Cerro Catedral for check-in, the pre-race briefing, to reach the start line on time and then to go back to the city centre once your race is over.

The finish line and the closing ceremony will be held in Cerro Catedral.


They will be set up in unique spots where the Organization will display tents and provide breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner. There will be 2 camps.

CAMP 1: on the lake shore. Sand beaches. Sheltered from the wind. An ideal spot to enjoy the mountain and the lake. 500m of sand beaches. The camp will be set up at 810msnm

CAMP 2: on the lake shore. A fascinating spot to unwind after a demanding stage. More than 1km of sand beaches. The camp will be set up at 820 msnm


Just like we do for every edition, we have chosen new courses. We have already defined stage 2 and 3, and for stage 1 we have 2 options in mind depending on whether participants will cross the border with Chile or not.

As soon as we get the approval from all the entities involved we will announce the courses for the 3 stages of the race.

One distinguishing feature of EL CRUCE is the fact that we create new courses for each edition. We look for new paths and for alternatives that will allow participants to enjoy the novelty of their next adventure.

The race will consist of an approximately 93km run divided into 3 stages.

We have given more priority to mountain summits for stages 2 and 3. We can guarantee a spectacular course and some of the most amazing views.

Most of the courses will be along mountain paths. On each day you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the Patagonia. You will be running along 3 lake shores, lagoon shores and mountain river banks – that will be a feast for all senses.

There will be a considerable elevation gain between the base of the mountain and the summits throughout the race. You will be running either uphill or downhill during most of the race. Get ready for a difficult challenge which will include some technical trails.

You should know that all the courses might be modified in the future, depending on the required permits and government, community or private owners’ operating permits. In future announcements we will include information concerning the uneven terrain.

  • DAY 1: 28km
  • DAY 2: 30km
  • DAY 3: 35km




Registration for EL CRUCE 2017 will open on July 11th 12:00hs (Buenos Aires time)

EL CRUCE is a race which has been designed for adventure runners that look for extreme adrenaline in the mountain. Participants must be very well trained and they must have the capacity to adapt to difficult situations. This race will not fit the standards of those who are not used to coping with cold weather, wind, snow, rain, long trails, important elevation gains, accummulated exhaustion, logistics which might still pose a problem, delays or any other adversity.

You will spend 3 days away from hotels and areas of comfort. Even though runners’ safety will be a priority for us and even though we will proceed carefully in case of emergency, such procedure might be long, risky and complicated.

All participants are required to present a doctor’s certificate before registration day. It can be presented at Club de Corredores (916, Monroe Avenue, CABA), you can send it by email (info@elcrucecolumbia.com) or you can hand it in during check-in. It is important to include a contact address of the doctor who has signed your certificate.


Those who are interested in signing in for the race must fill in the registration form in the web page as from July 11th, 12:00hs Buenos Aires. www.elcrucecolumbia.com

There will be a maximum number of participants. Due to demand registrants need to secure their spot as soon as possible. Once the maximum number of participants in a category has been reached, registrants will be added to a waiting list.

Participants will be able to consult their registration status online upon typing their ID number or the passport number they have used to fill in their registration form.

Once participants have filled in and submitted their registration form, they will be informed about the payment terms. Registrants will have to pay the first installment of the race fee within 5 business days after registration has been accepted.

If the registrant does not pay the first installment of the race fee within 5 business days after registration, he/she will have to start the whole registration process again.

If a participant is on a waiting list for INDIVIDUAL or TEAM category and there is new availability in another category, he/she may request a change in category.


There will be a limited number of places per country/continent and such benefit will be given for a limited amount of time, after which such availability will be offered to participants from other regions who might be on a waiting list.

If the amount of registrants who sign in for the race on the first week after registration is open exceeds the amount of spots that are available for each region, then we will proceed as follows:

Argentina. Participation will be ensured according to the following criteria:

  • Early registrants will ensure their spot
  • Spots per category
  • Spots for running teams that have provided support to the Organization along the years.



SOUTH AMERICA (with the exception of Argentina and Brazil)


Spots for these continents and for Brazil will be granted in the following way:

  • Until completing quantity of participant availability for a continent/country
  • In case the maximum number of participants is not reached, we will wait until November 12, 2016

Participation in EL CRUCE 2017 includes the following:

  • Participation in the race
  • Shuttle bus service provided by the Organization for registered participants’ transportation
  • Camp service: meals, baggage transportation
  • Runner kit
  • Logistics service, safety procedures during the 3-day race
  • Pre-race briefing and closing ceremonies
  • Transportation
  • Participants will be driven to the start area in shuttle buses prior to the race start time
  • Baggage transportation (Cerro Catedral – CAMP 1 – CAMP 2 – Finish line)
  • Participants transportation from CAMP 1 to CAMP 2 will not be included
  • Camp life:
  • 2-night camping experience in a site chosen by the Organization
  • 4 meals: lunch (2) and dinner (2)
  • Breakfast (2)
  • Camp organization
  • Tents for 2 participants will be given as a loan at each camp

Running Kit

  • EL CRUCE official t-shirt
  • Technical jacket
  • Dri-fit long-sleeved t-shirt
  • EL CRUCE sports bag (110 lts)
  • Columbia Multifunctional headwear
  • Portrait picture

Race Fee EL CRUCE 2017

The race fee will consist of:

Registration fee $2,000.- (two thousand pesos)

Logistics and elements fee $8,500.- (eight thousand five hundred pesos)

Argentinian participants $10,500.- (ten thousand five hundred pesos) per participant (Sign-in fee $2.100.- (two thousand one hundred pesos) plus logistics $8,400.- (eight thousand four hundred pesos).

Non-Argentinian participants U 700.- (seven hundred dollars) per participant (sign-in fee U 140 (one hundred four hundred pesos) plus logistics U 560.- (five hundred sixty dollars)).

Payment Terms

1st Installment:

Argentinian participants $3,000.- (three thousand pesos)

Foreign participants U 200.- (two hundred dollars)

Within 5 business days after registration

2nd Installment:

Argentinian participants $3,000.- (three thousand pesos)

Foreign participants U.- (five hundred dollars)

the accreditation

3rd Installment:

Argentinian participants $4,500.- (four thousand five hundred pesos)

Refund Policy

- If you inform the Organization before October 31, 2016 about your inability to attend EL CRUCE 2017, your registration fee will be deferred until the following edition. All entry fees are non-refundable. Entry fees are non-transferable. You may use the money at PRO SHOP, 916 Monroe Avenue, CABA.

- If you inform the Organization between November 1, 2016 and January 10, 2017 about your inability to attend EL CRUCE 2017, your registration fee will be deferred until the following edition. Such deferral will incur and administration fee of $1,500.- (one thousand five hundred pesos) for Argentinian participants and U 100.- (one hundred dollars) for foreign participants. All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

- If you inform the Organization between January 11 and January 25, 2017 about your inability to attend EL CRUCE 2017, your registration fee will be deferred until the following edition. Such deferral will incur and administration fee of $2,500.- (two thousand five hundred pesos) for Argentinian participants and U 150.- (one hundred and fifty dollars) for foreign participants. All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

- If you inform the Organization after January 25, 2017 about your inability to attend EL CRUCE 2017 your entry fee will be non-refundable and you won’t be able to defer your registration until the following edition.


- Those who sign in for INDIVIDUAL category cannot transfer their registration fee to someone else.

- Those who sign in for INDIVIDUAL category and would like to change their event category will be allowed to do it only once. Such change must be done before November 1, 2016. After that day, one may change his/her event category with an administration fee of $600.- (six hundred pesos) for Argentinian participants or U 40 (forty dollars) for foreign participants.

- Changes in the event category are subject to current availability.

- Word/telephone notices are not valid. The only requests that will be considered as valid are those which are sent to info@elcrucecolumbia.com

- All entry fees are non-refundable.


As usual, participants’ safety will be a priority for the Organization. There will be an emergency response team with the necessary equipment to assist the runners. There will be mountain guides that will be ready to provide assistance and advice.

You will have access to landscapes that cannot be reached with vehicles and that one can only move along on horseback or in a helicopter if the weather allows it.

The Organization will count with an important team of doctors and health care professionals (nurses, assistants, etc) who will work under the supervision of Dr Francisco Quirno Costa both during the race and at the Camps. Such professionals will work along with specialists who will be available at runner’s request.


It is highly recommended that participants reach the start line physically and mentally fit for the 3-stage challenge that they will have ahead of them. If any participant decides to drop out of the event he/she should find the means to get to the closest camp (unless one is unable to move). Otherwise, such participants will have to wait for a member of the staff to get to the spot where he/she is. The participant must bear in mind that under the given circumstances of an extreme adventure race, he/she might have to wait for a long time.

Those participants who decide to drop out of the race can return to the logistics base in Cerro Catedral in a shuttle bus. From the minute the Organization takes such participant away from the race, accommodation and food provision will be up to the runner.

You should know that in case of dropping out of the event you should not expect immediate transportation service. The runner will be taken down to the nearest Camp and later that day, back to Cerro Catedral.

The participant’s baggage must be carried along by the runner or it can be left at the information tent. In that case, such baggage can only be collected at the end of the 3-day event.


We kindly request runners to help us protect the environment.

There will be waste containers at the Camps so that you can put the right kind of waste in the right bin for our collection teams: food waste, mixed dry and non-recyclable waste.

Organizers and mountain race lovers are surely prone to be the ones who not only enjoy the mountain, nature, lakes and the views the most, but also the ones who suffer the most when they see paper, plastic bags and garbage in the mountain. Food rationing, recycling and using the least possible amount of contaminating products will definitely make a difference.

We would like to help every runner become aware of the need to protect the environment. It will be compulsory for all participants to carry their food in Ziploc bags (not inside wrappers) and their energy gels inside containers.


Mandatory Elements for the Race

These elements must be carried along during the 3 stages of the race, either inside your backpack or on.

Elements for each runner: (runners must take these elements along either on or inside their backpacks)

  • EL CRUCE official t-shirt (provided by the Organization)
  • Bib (provided by the Organization)
  • 1 chip (provided by the Organization)
  • 1 backpack to be worn round your shoulders
  • 1 waterproof jacket
  • 1 long-sleeved t-shirt
  • 1 polar or micro-polar jacket (you can take the Columbia micropolar jacket from a previous edition)
  • 1 cap
  • 1 vivisac (it is not a survival blanket. It must allow someone to spend a whole night in the middle of the mountain)
  • 1 survival blanket (provided by the Organization)

Recommended elements for Camps and Race

  • Technical sandals. You will need to let your feet breathe after each stage
  • Cap or woolen hat
  • Waterproof jacket
  • 2 pair of trail running shoes which must not be brand new
  • Sunscreen spray
  • Head lantern with extra batteries
  • Towel
  • COMPEED blister plaster or similar kind
  • Hydration backpack
  • First Aid kit
  • Hygienic towels

Equipment Rental

If you are interested in renting equipment for the race, the Organization will offer the following elements:

  • Sleeping bag: $250.-(two hundred and fifty pesos) or U.- (fifteen dollars)
  • Vivisac: $200.- (two hundred pesos) or U.- (twelve dollars).
  • Additional tent: $600.- (six hundred pesos) or U.- (forty dollars) per camp

Duffel Bags

Every runner will be given a duffel bag to carry the elements that will be used during the 3 stages of the race and at the Camps. Every bag has a capacity of 110lts. Only one bag will be accepted per participant. Those participants who need to carry extra luggage will have to pay U.- (ten dollars) or $150.- (one hundred and fifty pesos) for transportation purposes.

The Organization will not collect Duffel bags which contain elements hanging from bag handles.

Each runner will be given an identifying label and a security seal that must be used for identification and security purposes.


A chip timing system will be used to record race performance accurately. Such system will allow runners to be sent in waves from the start line and to provide instantaneous race updates. All runners will receive a timing chip on loan basis to be used during the 3 days of the event. Losing such device will mean having to pay for the loss so that the Organization can replace it in the future. There will be a Race Timing Update Tent in both Camps, where runners can get updated information concerning their race.

If the chip is lost before or during the event, participants can request a second chip for $100.- (one hundred pesos) or U.- (seven dollars).

The Official Running t-shirt

Each participant will receive the official running t-shirt for EL CRUCE, which must be worn by all participants on every stage of the race. Sample official running t-shirts of different sizes are displayed at CDC in case you want to see them. In October, participants will fill in an online form where information about the corresponding size will be requested.

Participants may order a second official running t-shirt if they pay for it in advance.


You may add your name and customize your t-shirt. You should include such request in the form. If you ask for a t-shirt with your name and size, you won’t be able to change it in the future. In such case, you will have to purchase another t-shirt.


Consultas sobre hoteles y cabañas en Catedral / viajes en avion / traslados aerop / Catedral.
Tel: 02972-414-555
E-mails: consultas@jauque.com.ar / info@jauque.com.ar
Web: www.jauque.com.ar

Frontier Crossing Argentina-Chile

For this edition, crossing the border is an issue which is still under consideration. We will make further announcements about our decision in the future. If participants cross the border through customs, they should bear in mind the following:

Runners must take along all the mandatory documentation required by the Migration Law, PDI, customs regulations, SAG and SENASA.

Remember to take your ID card (Argentinian participants) or passport (foreign participants).

Your participation in the race will not entitle you to cross the frontier without the proper documentation.


In the previous edition there were more than 100 correspondents and many of them participated in the event as runners. On this new edition there will be even more journalists from different newspapers, magazines and important TV channels broadcasting the highlights of EL CRUCE COLUMBIA 2017


In the 2017 edition EL CRUCE COLUMBIA will give winners awards of purchase orders in COLUMBIA and at the PRO SHOP at Club de Corredores. Such awards will be given to the first 3 runners to cross the finish line in the Female and Male GENERAL Category and Mixed teams and for Female and Male INDIVIDUAL category.

The first 5 Male and female participants will be awarded free registration for 2018.


It is not an easy task to establish a cut off time since that will depend on the distance, elevation gain, technical terrain, river and bridge crossings on each stage of the race. What’s more, it will also depend on whether it is the first, second or third stage of the race.

Bear in mind that on a regular mountain stage de cut off time is 14’x km. As soon as we receive confirmation when it comes to the courses and the corresponding permits, we will make further announcements concerning the cut off time for each stage.


After such a positive and successful experience during the last edition when it comes to volunteer work, next year we will offer the chance for more people to join us as volunteers. Candidates will undergo a selection process.

On July 11th we will issue a form concerning volunteer work.

We will provide information about the different areas where you might participate as a volunteer and those who are interested will have to fill in a form with all the relevant information.

¡We are working towards a great experience!!!

You will discover incredible places, meet runners and volunteers from different countries and Argentinian provinces, make a wide variety of programs in Bariloche and the nearby areas.


You will enjoy a wonderful experience!!!!