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Thank you very much for having joined us on this last edition.

I hope you have enjoyed all that EL CRUCE had to offer.

Year after year we look forward to bringing a new opportunity for runners to reach places that in all likelihood one will never get to visit as a tourist.

Thanks to your commitment to your training sessions and to the amount of effort that you have made during the race you must feel more than proud of your journey across the Argentinean-Chilean Patagonia.

Every year brings about a new chance for us to learn more and our Organization is fully committed to do much better than ever before.

It has been a great pleasure to enjoy both Camps and to feel the satisfaction of a clean environment where wrappers and empty bottles did not appear scattered around.

Moreover, a good number of objects that were lost and found by fellow runners were taken down to our Information tents – i-phones, cameras, video-cameras, jackets, etc.

Undoubtedly, education and good manners will open doors to complete success.

Year after year we feel greater joy and our utmost satisfaction for EL CRUCE.

On this last edition, more than ever before, we received acknowledgement from all the participants for our effort and thanks to that we definitely feel driven to excel.

Once, one of the many participants of this race decided to create a forum in FB where anybody can post messages and doubts and exchange useful information about EL CRUCE. Since then, experienced runners have helped those who take their first steps into EL CRUCE.

Thank you, Jose Luis Llanos! Thanks for having created EL CRUCE COLUMBIA: LA LEYENDA CONTINUA…

I am pretty sure that you have collected so many anecdotes about your extreme happiness and exhaustion, about generosity and about different cultures, about sunrise and sunset times at the Camps and so on and so forth but the greatest symbol of what this last edition means to you is that medal that each one of you has received and the sacrifice that you have made over the last few months and during those 3 stages of the race.

Thank you for having taken part in the history of EL CRUCE.

Upcoming 2018 news

In 2001 we decided to create an event that would stand among the 3 most significant world adventure events.

We understand that in order to achieve that aim we need to offer top quality service.

I intend to create for the 2018 edition an event that will go beyond all expectations.

In order to achieve such objective, we will soon inform you about some changes on our next letter

We are already designing a project that we have never imagined before!

See you at the Volcanoes of the Chilean Patagonia.

Sebastián Tagle

Director of El Cruce Columbia 2017.