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Welcome! 16th edition

We have a lot of memories of the first edition in Cristo Redentor in the year 2002

Like at every edition we will make a great effort to you can have a great experience.

El Cruce is not “another” race in what we have a start and a finish.

We want to organize an event for you can live a great adventure.

We are getting up early to go with the buses to Chile, leaving at 4am

The one who come late will not have how to travel to the start point.

Fill Gatorade and water before leave in the buses because you will not find more.

Only at the Oasis and the finish.

Don`t forget your documents and the mandatory elements.

We don’t have cloakrooms, you must keep only the things you will use at the race.

Once we arrive at the first start point, after a long trip, we request you to not delay the start.

There will be few chemical bathrooms. You should go in your hotels before you leave.

With you documents in your hands you can start the race. You must leave the backpacks in the corral.

In the start point there are a historic house, take photos because is amazing. Also with awesome stories.

You will know a very beautiful border crossing, you will enjoy everything.

When you finish the stage take quickly the bus to the next start point because is a long trip (1 hour aprox.)

You will go down of the bus and gonna walk 700m to the next start point.


The GPS are not exactly at this journeys. The trail has 33km aprox.

The Oasis you will find at km 26 aprox.

Is the lowest level stage. You will have 2 very hard stages later.

You will find water along the road till the km 10 and then you will run at the side of the Manso river.

You should have always 2l of water in your backpack.

The last km is along one river to arrive a very nice place, the camp 1.


We request you to respect each other and the people who work at the camp.

We know you will be very tired but we are doing a very big effort to make this race possible.

Please put in your dish only the food you will eat. Do not waste food.

Cleanness at the camps. Is important to throw the garbage in the right place.

Bottles. Please do not throw bottles with liquid. Empty the bottles and try to compact them before you throw it.

Respect the prohibition of the gels and wrappers. Gonna be great penalizations.

The Cross is an adventure wich you must adapt to enjoy.

In brief, you cant enjoy El Cruce without suffer.

See you at the start point