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We are writing to inform you that we are about to define which city will be hosting the 16th edition of

We have been evaluating 2 options for our next edition: one is in Chile, with its magnificent views and immersed among volcanoes. The other option is in Argentina, with its high mountain summits and incredible campsites. We will choose one of them for the 2017 edition and the other one, for the 2018 edition.

El Cruce es diferente and since a unique logistics is required, frontier regulations must be observed and complying with some requirements might take longer than expected. Bringing novelty to the race every year is a demanding task, especially since we want participants to enjoy the beauty of unparalleled landscapes. What we can now anticipate is the fact that both options will offer great courses in the high mountains with splendid views. Another feature is that in both editions you will be camping next to scenic lakes. After having undergone such a rewarding experience when it came to the volunteer program, we have decided to include a few innovations for those who want to take part in this race/adventure.


La fecha de la 16ta edición serán los días

  • Elite Category: February 1,2,3
  • Teams Category: February 2,3,4
  • Amateur Category: February 3,4,5

We want to thank those who have written to us sharing their experience and their desire to participate in the following edition.

Let me share with you some of the issues that were discussed in the post-event evaluation meeting with all the Heads of Departments. We look forward to improving and strengthening our organizational structure.


It will be open 2 days before the race to ensure a smooth event registration process.

Registration will be open from January 30th .


There will be a strict control of the mandatory elements required for the race (especially when it comes to long tights, jackets, polar vests, gloves, etc) every day of the event. There will be strict control measures at every starting line.

We have witnessed situations in which participants were not fully aware of the risks involved in an event that takes place 2000 m snm in the Patagonia. Runners will not be penalized for not having the mandatory elements; they will simply not be allowed to leave the starting line.

In order to help runners, the Organization will give each participant a Columbia technical jacket, which will be included in the runner’s kit. We strongly believe that such jackets are a must on every stage of the race. Runners will need waterproof coats more than wind breaker jackets.


The finish line will be set up in a location where the participants’ relatives and companions will have easy access: it might be a city or a town.

We have realized that such company is essential both for the runners and for the event.

We will continue offering 3 different races along a number of days.


The categories will remain the same but we will introduce the following changes:

Time restrictions will be the same for the 3 categories. There will be no difference between each one of them.

We believe that such decision will benefit those runners who come in groups to participate on the same days. No matter whether they are elite or amateur participants, they will have the chance to share such experience with their own friends/companions.

There will be time restrictions of about 14 minutes per km, depending on the landscape.

Elite: There will be awards for the winners of the different categories. Those participants who want to compete for such awards should enroll in this race. All participants can take part in this race. Time restrictions will be the same as the ones imposed on the other races.

TEAMS: Awards will be given to the overall winners and to the winners of each category. Time restrictions will be the same as the ones imposed on the other races.

Amateur: A special mention will be awarded to the first 3 winners of the male and female categories in the overall results.


We have designed race courses along high altitude trails.

Security measures will be reinforced during the different stages of the race so that participants can go as far as the highest mountain ridges. There will be First Aid tents in the most complex spots of the race.


Camps are an essential asset for both the runners and for the Organization. We have chosen 2 sites which are absolutely incredible. In both cases, they will be found along the lake coastline alongside incredible sand beaches.

Camp service: we are working towards offering much better service at each Camp.


Facebook and email assistance: we will reinforce our communication service and we will be online on a daily basis to assist those who might need further information about the race.

Our past experience when it comes to gel flasks and ziplock bags for cereal bars and cookies was definitely positive. The 2016 edition of EL CRUCE became the one in which we found the least amount of garbage along the courses. We will insist on following the same strategy to help protect the natural environment.


The 2016 experience was amazing.

Volunteers worked alongside paid staff - with the same commitment! We will try to give them a better welcome in our next edition.

We are also thinking about programs that will allow volunteers to discover the beauty of the location where they will be staying during the event as well as the chance to share a great experience with other volunteers.

In the FIRST LETTER you will find information about the Selection of the Volunteers that will join us in the next edition


On June 15th LETTER 1 will be out.

I am more than grateful for the interest that is shown towards EL CRUCE COLUMBIA.

Sebastián Tagle

Director El Cruce Columbia.