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Dear Runners of EL CRUCE

We have some news to share with you about EL CRUCE 2018

During the last 16 editions we have discovered places that we had never imagined before but what we have always had in mind is the desire to create one of the biggest events around the world – one that would allow runners to discover the experience of running and camping while immersed in the beauty of the Argentinean/Chilean Patagonia.

One of our biggest assets is our capacity to seek for innovation and to mark a difference on every edition; we have always had a clear objective: our strong desire to excel. Our biggest desire is to organize an incredible event in 2018. Thus, we need to make some changes.


Our next edition will be on 6-10 December, 2018

  • Thursday 6 / Friday 7 / Saturday 8. ADVANCED and TEAMS
  • Friday 7 / Saturday 8 / Sunday 9. AMATEUR DAY 7
  • Saturday 8 / Sunday 9 / Monday 9. AMATEUR DAY 8


The race will start and finish at PUCON – CHILE. 98% of the race course will be in Chile. The start line will be at the base of one of the most incredible volcanoes in Chile (runners will be transferred to the start line by the Organization).

The finish line will be at the beach of Villarrica Lake across the ‘Gran Hotel Pucon’. Such hotel has been chosen as the race logistics headquarters, the race expo and the venue for the runners’ check-in process, the pre-race presentation talk and the Prize Giving Ceremony.


ADVANCED (individual).

TEAMS (2 runners that will run together during the 3-day event)

AMATEUR (individual)


The race will remain as a 3-day event, covering 100 km and with an important accumulated height difference. It will take place across 2 of the most important and impressive volcanoes in Chile, along paths with some of the most stunning views. Snow will probably be found along several kilometers of the race course. Moreover, runners should expect to find all the features of an adventure race on the 2018 edition of EL CRUCE.


We are organizing camps with top quality service to cater for our runners’ need to rest and enjoy our 17th edition.


Major delay when going through customs both in Argentina and Chile

Peak tourist season and airfares, coach fares and accommodation overcharging.

Lower hotel accommodation in February in both countries (the peak tourist week in Chile is the 1st week of February)

Security services and authorities work at maximum capacity in both countries in February.

Immigration authorities often find more difficulties during the peak tourist season


The city venue will be ready to welcome runners from all over the world. The event will become a major focus of attention for the local residents and runners will benefit from hotel accommodation, local food and travel fares.

Customs office and routes with low traffic volumes.

Since it is not a peak tourist season there will more access to camping sites, courses and activities that otherwise cannot be considered.

We still have several months ahead of us. We are looking forward to creating an event that will exceed everybody’s expectations.

LETTER 1 will soon be published announcing the opening of registration to participate in EL CRUCE 2018 with all the information needed to head for an unforgettable experience.