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Quienes se encuentran en lista de espera, les informamos que estamos procesando las bajas y a partir del 1 de Enero comenzaremos a liberar cupos según el disponible.

Ante cualquier consulta podrán comunicarse a info@elcrucecolumbia.com


We have opened a waiting list for those categories that have already reached full capacity.

  • In order to join such waiting list you must send an email to info@elcrucecolumbia.com informing in which category you would like to participate
  • Those who want to ensure their participation in EL CRUCE 2018 can enroll in a category where the quota of places is still available. If in the future there is a chance for the participant to change to the desired category the Organization will make the required modifications
  • Every request in the waiting list will have an order number and we will follow that order. If you are in the waiting list and receive an email from the Organization with an invitation to enroll in the 2018 edition of the race you will have 72hs to validate your registration. You will need to pay the first installment.



Pre-Registration for EL CRUCE 2018 will open on August 9th 2017 12:00hs (Buenos Aires time)

EL CRUCE is a race which has been designed for adventure runners that look for extreme adrenaline in the mountain. Participants must be very well trained and they must have the capacity to adapt to difficult situations. This race will not fit the standards of those who are not used to coping with cold weather, wind, snow, rain, long trails, important elevation gains, accummulated exhaustion, logistics which might still pose a problem, delays or any other adversity.

You will spend 3 days away from hotels and areas of comfort. Even though runners’ safety will be a priority for us and even though we will proceed carefully in case of emergency, such procedure might be long, risky and complicated.

All participants must present a doctor’s certificate before registration day. It can be presented at Club de Corredores (916, Monroe Avenue, CABA), you can send it by email (info@elcrucecolumbia.com) or you can hand it in during check-in. It is important to include a contact address of the doctor who has signed your certificate.

DOWNLOAD Sample Doctor’s Certificate

Those who are interested in signing in for the race must fill in the registration form in the web page as from August 9th 2017, 12:00hs Buenos Aires. www.elcrucecolumbia.com

There will be a maximum number of participants. Due to demand registrants need to secure their spot as soon as possible. Once the maximum number of participants in a category has been reached, registrants will be added to a waiting list.

Race Assignment Place

There will be a limited number of places per country/continent and such benefit will be given for a limited amount of time, after which such availability will be offered to participants from other regions who might be on a waiting list.

If the amount of registrants who sign in for the race on the first week after registration is open exceeds the amount of spots that are available for each region, then we will proceed as follows:

Argentina. participation will be ensured according to the following criteria:

  • Early registrants will ensure their spot
  • Spots per category
  • Spots for running teams that have provided support to the Organization along the years.



SOUTH AMERICA (with the exception of Argentina and Brazil)


Participation in EL CRUCE 2018 includes the following:

  • Participation in the race

  • Shuttle bus service provided by the Organization for registered participants’ transportation only for the race

  • Camp service: meals, baggage transportation

  • Runner kit

  • Finisher medal

Participation in the race

  • Logistics service, safety procedures during the 3-day race
  • Pre-race briefing and closing ceremonies


  • Participants will be driven to the start area in shuttle buses prior to the race start time
  • Baggage transportation (Pucon– CAMP 1 – CAMP 2 – Finish line)
  • Participants dropping out of the race from Camp 1 or 2 to Pucon
  • Participants transportation from CAMP 1 to CAMP 2 will not be included

Camp life:

  • 2-night camping experience in a site chosen by the Organization
  • 4 meals: lunch (2) and dinner (2)
  • Breakfast (2).
  • Camp organization
  • Tents for 2 participants will be given as a loan at each camp

Running Kit

EL CRUCE official t-shirt - Columbia Technical jacket - Dri-fit long-sleeved t-shirt - Columbia Multifunctional headwear - Sponsors’ gifts

Race Fee EL CRUCE 2018

The race fee will consist of:

  • registration fee u 150.- (one hundred and fifty dollars)
  • logistics and elements fee u 550.- (five hundred and fifty dollars)
  • total race fee u 700.- (seven hundred dollars) per participant

Participants can choose among the following currency options: Argentinian pesos, US dollars or the Brazilian real

Payment Terms

1st Installment:

USD 200.- (two hundred dollars)

2nd Installment:

USD 200.- (two hundred dollars)

Up to September 2018

3rd Installment:

USD 300 (three hundred dollars)

In December 2018

Refund Policy

If you inform the Organization before August 31, 2018 about your inability to participate in EL CRUCE 2018, your registration fee will be deferred and used as part of the payment fee on the following edition of EL CRUCE. All entry fees are non-refundable. Entry fees are non-transferable. You may use the money at PRO SHOP, 916 Monroe Avenue, CABA.

If you inform the Organization between September 1, 2018 and November 25, 2018 about your inability to participate in EL CRUCE 2018, your registration fee will be deferred and used as part of the payment fee on the following edition of EL CRUCE. Such deferral will incur and administration fee of USD 100.- (one hundred dollars). All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you inform the Organization after November 26, 2018 or if you omit informing the Organization about your inability to participate in EL CRUCE 2018 your entry fee will be non-refundable and you won’t be able to defer your registration until the following edition.

CHANGE OF CATEGORY or team member

Those who sign in for INDIVIDUAL category cannot transfer their registration fee to someone else.

Those who sign in for INDIVIDUAL category and would like to change their event category will be allowed to do it only once. Such modification must be done before November 1, 2018. After that day, one may change his/her event category with an administration fee of USD 50 (fifty dollars).

Changes in the event category are subject to current availability

Word/telephone notices are not valid. The only requests that will be considered as valid are those which are sent to info@elcrucecolumbia.com

All entry fees are non-refundable.