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One of the biggest attractions are the camps. They are three days in which live more than one thousand runners from around the world.

The camps are located in mountainous areas, far from urban centers. The organization will provide food service and chemical toilets, but like all mountain camp will not have great amenities. In return, if the weather helps, will have spectacular scenery and a natural environment priceless.

To facilitate logistics corridors, all tents are equipped and armed by the organization. These will be easily located for participants because they will have to look at the number for each.

It is important to be organized and enjoy every moment. There are runners who have run all crossings and we have extensive experience in the camps.

How is camp life?

Once you cross the finish, should hydrate well and change clothes, wash (do not use detergents, soaps, toothpaste shampo or in the lake), it is best to go with a bucket and a towel and wash away from the lake.

Have lunch either (remember to bring all the necessary elements), you can have lunch in the tent of the organization, or put food on the beach or the team tent. The lunch time shared with runners at camp is unique, then you can relax a bit on the beach with friends and take a nap. Later coffee or soup to be well hydrated, eat a snack and waiting quiet dinner, sharing conversations with different runners in the world while preparing the clothes for the next day. You can also take a turn of relaxing massages.

To the side of the tent must have a garbage bag to leave waste. As for the night have to be well sheltered, quiet dinner and go to sleep to the tent. From 22:30 you can not have conversations or noise near the tents.

Inflatable mattresses make it more pleasant sleep, also for those who are not used to noise can lead earplugs.

The morning started very early by the sounds of the first runners that dawn and begin to prepare things.

On rising should wear the running clothes, have a pot of water outside the tent to wash (teeth, face, etc). Hence quite warm to eat breakfast in the tents, carrying thermal jug. Assemble the bag leaving only the items used during the race. Make an overview of everything that used in the race, leaving the waste bag and dispatch bag on the trucks of organization. And get ready to take the start again.

If you cross the customs that day, not forget to put in the backpack your documents and immigration card.