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The philosophy at El Cruce

El Cruce Columbia is a race where one gets to know himself, and that is why we believe that respect is an important value that must develop and promote together.

Respect for Nature

Take care nature is a duty for all, but mostly it is our duty as we are those who enjoy the beauty of the mountains and landscapes. We are just passing but many more will come after us and among our own children, if we learn to care and respect nature they do the same.


Respect for Others

We all want to enjoy the race and one of the most important things is respect for others. Respect the rules (schedules, lines, places, spaces, noise and everything that involves the coexistence).

Respect the organization, those who work, the residents, to landowners.

Respect for Equity

We all have the same rights. No one is above another, there is an absolute equality.

The living and sharing will always be the most important at the Crossroads. The idea is that everyone will enjoy a unique adventure, feel the nature as part of one, and enjoy the most of what we love, adventure and the challenge of overcoming our own limitations.