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El Cruce Columbia takes place from 11 years ago in Patagonia in February, during the austral summer.

The Goal

The career objective is to cross the Andes, linking Argentina and Chile, for a distance of over 100 km, divided into 3 stages. Since Andes provides many steps through which unite both countries, the route changes every year, maintaining unique geographic settings in the world.

The Places

The places where the event is taking are of unparalleled beauty. The runners pass through mountains and volcanoes, snowy peaks, forests, lakes, valleys and rocky areas.

Despite being held during the summer, climatic variations are enormous. Some editions have been accompanied by spectacular sunny days with temperatures that can reach 20 degrees. C. Others, however, face the runners with truly adverse weather conditions may include cold, snow, high winds and heavy rains.

For all this, the physical demands for runners is enormous and requires intense training prior. It's a race for those who love adventure and are willing to face three days running and living among the mountains, enduring all the difficulties that entails.

The Runners

While this is an extreme adventure race, able to attract a huge number of runners from around the world. In the last issue involved more than 2500 runners from 30 countries, a true record for a mountain race three days.

Among the runners are mixed men and women of different ages, most elite amateur and some who share his passion for venture into an adventure that will test their limits.

The race is run in teams of 2 persons (Ladies, Gents or Mixed) that must remain together for the entire journey. In the twelfth edition due to high demand, we decided to add the INDIVIDUAL category.

The effort and dedication of time, energy and resources required, generates strong emotions runners and lasting memories.

The Organization

Organizing a sporting event of this magnitude is not easy. A team of over 30 people working hard during the previous months, becoming more than 300 during the days of the race. Their priority is to set all the details and to give runners all the necessary services to make your experience easy and enjoyable. From meals to armed camps, provision of hydration and transfers, everything requires an enormous human effort and coordination, especially because it takes place in high mountain areas, isolated from urban centers.

The safety of runners is a priority for the organization. That is why throughout the race has medical advice from a recognized deportólogo queries serving brokers and, if necessary, decide whether someone may or may not continue. Also, in an emergency, it has the support of ambulances and helicopters to perform rescues and transfers.

All these features make the Columbia El Cruce a unique race in the world.

Not everyone can run it, but nobody who has done it will ever forget El Cruce