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Welcome to the 2017 volunteer work program!

We appreciate your willingness to participate in the most important adventure race in Latin America.

Along with its 100 km overall course, its campsites which will be immersed among lakes and mountains, with almost 3000 participants from 35 different countries and volunteers coming from 10 different countries, EL CRUCE makes a difference!

Becoming a volunteer in this program means joining the biggest company and one that requires an impressive logistics infrastructure. EL CRUCE will boost your willingness to help others and your engagement with highly qualified staff members and other volunteer team members. Your true reward will be the chance to live one of the best experiences in your life.

If you think that you have what it takes and if you already feel that you would like to join us, then do not hesitate to contact us!

What do you need to do?

Volunteers will have to:

  • Travel to Bariloche and report at the event check-in desk the day before they start with their volunteer tasks. (January 29th)
  • Find accommodation in Cerro Catedral /Bariloche unless you are assigned to work in the camps or along the trails, in which case you will sleep at the camps
  • Be available from January 29th to February 6th , 2017
  • Have schedule availability during the days they have committed themselves to the volunteer program
  • Have suitable mountain footwear and clothing, an appropriate backpack and a sleeping bag
  • Stay upbeat, positive and willing to live a unique mountain and camp experience
  • Be 18 years old or over
  • Be willing to help others, learn, be adventurous and display their professionalism
  • Know that they will have to spend many hours helping runners each day
  • Report to a volunteer supervisor from the CDC staff


The Organization will include the following benefits for all the recruited volunteers:

  • A tent for those who have an active role at the camps and the mountain trails
  • All the meals from the beginning to the end of the volunteer program (breakfast, lunch, tea, dinner)
  • The meals will be provided at a focal point in Cerro Catedral, at the camps or in lunch boxes if volunteers are requested to stay in a spot in the mountain
  • EL CRUCE identification vest
  • EL CRUCE identification-shirt
  • EL CRUCE multifunctional headwear
  • Free transportation service form Cerro Catedral to the different spots of the race or the camps.
  • Volunteer worker identification credential
  • A certificate of participation in the volunteer program for EL CRUCE 2017
  • 40% discount at EL CRUCE PRO SHOP on the outlined days

Innovations in the Volunteer Program

Since the program is ideal for volunteers to discover the beauty of the region, we have designed a number of scheduled activities for their greater enjoyment.

In addition, there will be a hierarchy of volunteer roles which will be outlined based on prior experience. Thus, we will find:

  • Initial volunteers
  • Senior volunteers
  • Master volunteers